Vital information for community groups on becoming financially sustainable

This resource section contains vital information, shaped specifically for either community growing groups looking to become more financially sustainable, or for businesses and organisations which would like to get involved with community growing.  

You'll see some of our latest resources below, or you can use the filters to search for the subject you want. There's information on a host of different ways to improve your financial sustainability and ability to generate income, from crowdfunding tips, to ideas about making money from cut flowers.


Latest Resources

Rewards-based is now the most common form of crowdfunding, which gives supporters a tangible return for their donation. But what should those rewards be?
Pro bono support allows community organisations access to expensive professionals whose fees may otherwise be prohibitive.
Corporate Volunteering - How To Charge has been written to help community growing groups that currently run ad hoc corporate team volunteering events or receive enquiries from companies b
A collection of resources and guidance for community growing groups interested in producing cider (or other fruit-based drinks) to generate income.
Exploring Income Generation For Green Care is an information resource created as a result of an event held by Growing Together in Northern Ireland (December 2015). 
Crowdfunding is a simple idea - but there's a lot of things involved in running a campaign with a good chance of success.
Though crowdfunding is becoming very popular, it is not right for all projects or groups. Before considering crowdfunding it is worth asking some basic questions.
In order for community growing groups to survive and thrive in the current climate of austerity and limited grant funding, they need to look towards other models of gaining income.
This short briefing sheet is a guide aimed at helping community growing organisations develop the confidence to approach businesses - either small local firms, or national companies.
Workplace growing encompasses a wide range of gardening activity on sites where people work.
Whatever the name given to it - campaigning, advocacy, influencing, lobbying, protesting - the central theme of campaigning is ‘change' and how people achieve the change they want to see
Crowdfunding is a form of community finance, where money for projects is gathered from a large number of stakeholders via an online crowdfunding campaign site.